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Natural Sports Injury Rehabilitation in St. Paul, MN

Natural Sports Injury Rehabilitation in St. Paul, MN | Sport Injury Chiropractic TreatmentIs your down time spent playing your favorite sport? Whether it is on turf, grass or a court, there will likely be a time in your athletic career where an injury occurs. The hope is that it is only minor. Regardless, it is important to seek sports injury rehabilitation no matter if the injury was minor or major. Committing to this type of treatment will help ensure that you are able to get back to full strength and maintain that level of health long-term. If you are in the St. Paul, MN area and have recently gotten injured playing a sport, our dedicated staff at St. Paul Chiropractic Continue reading

Skilled St. Paul Massage Therapists

Skilled St. Paul Massage Therapists | Stress Relief Clinic in St PaulWhen a friend or loved one comes up from behind you and begins rubbing your neck muscles or shoulders, you quickly feel that sense of relaxation that follows. It is almost immediate. You may also realize how tense your muscles have become and how much stress you have been under. As wonderful as that momentary massage may be, it may also be a sign that you could benefit from a therapeutic massage provided by someone with years of training. The highly skilled staff at St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center offers massage therapy Continue reading

Signs Of Sciatic Pain

Signs Of Sciatic PainThe human body is a well-oiled machine. But, like any machine, it will occasionally develop problems that require maintenance. Chiropractic care exists because of this fact. Chiropractic care is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment of pain relief and healing, and its focus on addressing the origins of issues, is an excellent treatment option that does not rely on pain medication or surgical intervention. If we look at one of the most common maintenance issues that occur in chiropractic care—sciatic pain—we can see that there is a simplicity to the underlying cause of pain, as well as to the treatment of it. Continue reading

Sports Injury Therapy

Sports Injury TherapyFrom career athletes to those playing sports for leisure, when you are out of the game, it can be devastating. No matter what stage of your sport you may be in, a sports injury can happen. This doesn’t mean that all of your hard work, training and dedication was for nothing. At St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center, we are here to get you back into the game and crush your goals once again. We have all of the resources you need to diagnose, treat and prevent your injury from ever happening again. Continue reading

Effective Arthritis Pain Relief

Effective Arthritis Pain ReliefDo you or someone that you know struggle regularly from the pain caused by arthritis? Many individuals struggling with arthritis are prescribed medication to help alleviate the pain and symptoms of arthritis. Sometimes these medications work and other times they don’t. Rather than relying solely on temporary pain relief options, our team at St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center is here to help you achieve effective arthritis pain relief. Your goal of improving your quality of life can be achieved by partnering with our experienced medical professionals.

It is truly amazing how much of your body is impacted by the state of your spine. If your spine is not in proper alignment, it could be causing your arthritis pain to flare up. Our chiropractors are here to help get your spine and rest of the body back into proper alignment through our highly effective chiropractic adjustments and manipulations. Our treatment will help remove tension and pain in your neck, back and other areas impacted by your arthritis. Continue reading

Work Injury Pain Relief

Work Injury Pain ReliefHave you recently been injured on the job? This can be an extremely stressful process as you try to recover and navigate the worker’s compensation process if that applies. Additionally, the goal for most individuals is to recover as quickly as possible so that their job is minimally impacted. Trying to recover on your own isn’t the best option for you. Instead, consider teaming up with our team at St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center and take advantage of our work injury pain relief options.

Dealing with insurance companies Continue reading

Natural Relief From Shoulder Pain

Natural Relief From Shoulder Pain

Has your shoulder been causing you regular pain over the last few months or even years? Shoulder pain can arise from a variety of things. Far too many individuals dealing with their shoulder pain resort to pain medication as their source of relief. This does provide temporary relief, but it doesn’t address the actual shoulder issues that you are dealing with. At St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center, we have another option that will help you recover and experience relief naturally from your shoulder pain.Through our effective medical treatment plans, our team can get your shoulder back to full strength naturally. Continue reading

Athletic Injury Support in St. Paul, MN

Athletic Injury Support in St. Paul, MNDealing with an athletic injury can be draining mentally for many individuals. You may be feeling like you are letting your teammates down by not being able to play, or you may feel like you’ll never be able to get back to the level you were playing prior to your injury. Before you get too down on yourself, our team at St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center is here to provide you the athletic injury support that can get you back to full strength. How is this possible, you may be wondering? Our medical team specializes in athletic injury therapy for individuals of all ages around St. Paul, MN. Continue reading

Elbow Pain Relief

Elbow Pain ReliefIf you are struggling with elbow pain, consider making an appointment at St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center. The good news about elbow pain is that there are many causes of it and most of them are not terribly serious. The bad news is that elbow pain can be, well, painful and chronic. The methods and treatments we use are very effective in helping find relief from the pain by treating the cause (or causes) of your pain, rather than just the symptoms. We respect that each person who comes to us is an individual, and each individual’s elbow pain may require treatment that is different. from what other individuals with similar discomfort need. Continue reading

Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injury

Chiropractic Treatment for Sports InjuryDealing with a sports injury can be painful both mentally and physically. You may be missing valuable time on the field and with your teammates which might be making you feel down. The injury that you’re dealing with is likely causing you significant pain. Rather than resorting to pain medication as your form of relief, why not seek a natural medical treatment option designed to help you heal naturally from your injury? That’s exactly what happens by seeking chiropractic treatment for your sports injury. If you are in the St. Paul, MN area, our team at St. Paul Chiropractic Continue reading