Chiropractic Treatments for Arthritis & Other Conditions

Are you living with endless discomfort from arthritis or another condition? With the treatments from Midway Chiropractic & Health Services, your neck and back pain are a thing of the past. Under the care of Dr. Chris Lilja, patients of all ages will experience relief from a number of conditions. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Midway is your source for world-class treatment from a board-certified chiropractor. No matter what the source of your pain is, you’ll feel better faster when you meet with Dr. Chris for your car accident conditions or and chiropractic conditions.

As one of the leading healthcare conditions in the country, arthritis affects millions of people. This condition involves painful inflammation and stiffness of joints. While it comes in more than 100 different forms, the most common is osteoarthritis, which includes degenerative joints caused by major trauma and infection.
Back Pain
Does sitting and standing cause you pain? If you are one of the millions of people living with back pain, Dr. Chris is here to help. His professional chiropractic treatments get to the root of your condition.
Carpal Tunnel
In today’s day and age, we live on our computers and cellphones. These devices make our lives easier, but they can also lead to the painful condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. With carpal tunnel syndrome, you endure numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain in your fingers or hand. This condition can make even easy activities like opening a jar difficult.
Chronic Headaches
Everyone gets headaches. If you suffer from recurring headaches, you may have a condition that causes this pain. Call Dr. Chris to set up an appointment if your pain occurs at least 15 days per month for 3 months.
Disc Compression
Also known as a bulging, ruptured, slipped, prolapsed, or herniated disc, results from the nerves coming out of one or more discs when placed under pressure. This condition can cause severe back pain or even permanent damage to parts of your spine. Chiropractic manipulation is one of the safest and most effective treatments available.
Disc Herniation
Our spines contain pieces of cartilage in between each vertebrae. When these discs bulge or break open, the resulting herniated desk causes severe pain. During your chiropractic treatment, Dr. Chris will work to lessen the pressure on your back.
Muscle Spasms
A muscle spasm occurs when the muscle suddenly and involuntarily contracts. This painful experience can be caused by exhausting your muscles through overuse. It is a common problem for everyone from athletes to construction workers.
Neck Pain
Simply overusing your neck muscles can result in endless pain. As time moves on, your joints can wear down. Whether your pain is caused by herniated disks or bone spurs, Dr. Chris is available to provide you with the top solution.
Pinched Nerves
Alignment is essential for your body. In some situations, a person can develop a pinched nerve. This condition is occurs when the tissues near a nerve cause an excessive amount of pressure.
Sciatica Pain
For people living with sciatica, pain is felt throughout the lower extremities, starting in the low lumbar area of the back. The sciatica nerve is the biggest nerve in the body. Pain is typically caused by a disc problem, tumors, infection, or even the weight of pregnancy.
Shoulder Pain
We live our lives in constant motion. Because of this, shoulder pain is a common discomfort for most people at some point in time. Most cases are not caused by an injury, but by regular strain on your joints.
Sports Injury
Running. Jumping. Swimming. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, you are always at risk of developing a sports injury. While treatments like ice and compression can be effective, some injuries require a specialized care plan. Dr. Chris is available to nurse you back to health after a break or sprain.
In the chiropractic field, subluxation is caused by a misalignment of spinal vertebrae bones. It can result in overall joint pain, stiffness, dizziness, lack of energy, and a host of other issues.
Whiplash is a complicated injury. It is difficult to properly diagnose, as its symptoms are often seen in other conditions. Forms of treatment include care for your neck, shoulders, and portions of your back.
Wrist Pain
On any given day, we use our hands for virtually every one of our tasks. For those suffering from wrist pain, these tasks become difficult to perform. The wrist is not a single joint, but is made up of eight small bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments.

Contact Dr. Chris Lilja today in St. Paul, Minnesota, to understand the cause of your arthritis. Dr. Chris is available to treat back pain and other issues in patients of all ages.

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