IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain that mostly occurs in runners. The iliotibial band is a thick band of fascia on the lateral part of the knee. This part extends from the outside of the pelvis area over the hip and down through the knee until just below. The band is necessary to stabilizing the knee during running, and other exercises. This band moves from behind the femur to the front of the femur during physical activity.

ITBS symptoms range from a stinging sensation just above the knee joint, to swelling of the tissue in the area where the band moves over the femur. The stinging feeling just above the knee joint is felt on the outside of the knee or along the entirety of the band. The pain from an injury may occur during an activity, but can also intensify over time. Pain is most usually felt when your foot hits the ground, and the pain often continues after activity. You may also feel the pain above and below the knee, where the ITB attaches to the tibia. It will also hurt if you twist your knee to turn a corner.

Although the main focus of chiropractic care is typically dealing with vertebral subluxation, most people are unaware that chiropractic care can also benefit people who suffer from a number of soft tissue conditions. One of the most common conditions we see at St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota is ITBS. Oftentimes it is referred to as Runner’s Knee. The IT band is a fibrous ligament, extending on the outside of the leg from the pelvis to the lower leg. If the ligament becomes short, it will tighten, and can begin to rub against the lower portion of the femur, or thigh bone. This friction often leads to inflammation and irritation, ultimately leading to aches and pain. It is most commonly seen in runners.

At St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we take our time to get to know each one of our clients. We do not treat every case of ITBS the same and understand that some patients may be suffering more than others. We will take our time to get to know you, work with you to make a plan and help our clients reach their optimum health. If you are looking for a natural health care provider in the twin cities then we are the perfect fit for you. We have an amazing team that can help you with ITBS and we want you to be up and moving as soon as possible.

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