Benefits Of Massage Therapy Combined With Chiropractic Care

Benefits Of Massage Therapy Combined With Chiropractic CareIndividually, massage therapy and chiropractic care are effective treatments to relieve pain, restore mobility, and promote overall health. These treatments complement each other in relaxing the body, boosting the immune system, increasing blood flow, reducing spinal pressure, and extending the health benefits to patients.

What’s the Difference Between Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care? Massage therapy includes pressing, rubbing, and manipulating the skin and soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscles to relax the body and relieve stress. Common massage types include myofascial, deep tissue, and neuromuscular massage. Chiropractic care includes spinal manipulation and adjustments in the neck, bones, and joints. It is useful in addressing spinal misalignment. Chiropractic care also treats sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

What Can Massage Therapy Treat?

Many types of massage therapy can be used to treat many different things. Some of the most obvious, though, include muscle tightness or soreness. Whether it’s from exercise or daily activity, massage therapy is a good way to realign yourself and get that pain out of you if you feel like you’ve pulled a muscle. However, not everyone needs to worry about the tightness in the muscles, and for those people, massage therapy works wonders for treating mental health problems like anxiety or depression. With lighter massage techniques like aromatherapy or Swedish massage, you’ll find yourself in a state of peacefulness with the therapist, which leads to improved mental health after the session.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy With Chiropractic Care

Your body’s muscles and skeletal system are interconnected and work together. Massage therapy deals with soft tissues, while chiropractic care focuses on the musculoskeletal structure and hard tissues. Combining both treatments lead to highly effective and longer-lasting benefits to your body. Massage therapy prepares your body for chiropractic adjustments. It improves circulation, enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen delivery to promote healing, and stimulates healthy muscle function. Massage therapy removes lactic acid in the muscles, which causes spasm and stiffness. It also relaxes the body and prepares the skeletal system for adjustments. When soft tissues are loose and relaxed, chiropractic treatments become more effective in adjusting, aligning, and manipulating the bone structure and hard tissues. With massage therapy and chiropractic care together, you will experience:

● Faster healing of muscles and tissues
● Sharper mental acuity and improved nervous system function
● Pain relief and reduced inflammation in the body
● Flexibility and increased mobility
● Improved blood, oxygen, and nutrients circulation in the body

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