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Natural Medicine DoctorChiropractic care has been a staple of natural medicine treatment for more than a century, helping relieve pain throughout the entire body, including relieving physical and mental stress. Although you may think of chiropractic care as simple spinal adjustments to correct back injuries, there is much more to chiropractic care than correcting back injuries. In fact, chiropractic adjustments are consistently used to do more than healing injuries, from decreasing the frequency of headaches to relieving chronic pain caused by arthritis. Regardless of what the source of your pain may be, at the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center, our St. Paul, MN chiropractors can help you to heal or manage your pain throughout your body with chiropractic spinal adjustments.
When Should I Have a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Although chiropractic adjustments can be used for any number of purposes, some of the most common uses of chiropractic adjustments include:

Arthritis pain relief
• Back and neck injury recovery
• Chronic back and neck pain relief
• Work injury recovery
Whiplash recovery
• Personal injury treatment
Sports injury recovery
• Injury prevention treatment
• Physical stress relief
Headache and migraine relief
• Auto accident injury recovery
Given the broad uses of chiropractic adjustments, there is no determined time when it’s best to seek chiropractic treatment. As our St. Paul chiropractic clinic, we recommend getting chiropractic help whenever you are in pain throughout your neck, back, or extremities, particularly if you are experiencing persistent pain or if you’ve recently been in an accident or suffered an injury.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

The benefits of chiropractic adjustments are as numerous as the reasons you may have for seeking chiropractic care, and your reasons for seeking chiropractic treatment will determine the best form of chiropractic treatment for you. However, there are several benefits of chiropractic adjustments that may not directly impact your recovery or pain relief but will promote better overall health and wellness. With chiropractic spinal adjustments, we are able to properly align the vertebrae in your neck and back, ensuring that your body is able to heal more quickly in the future and that you are less susceptible to injury. In addition, chiropractic adjustments can benefit your body by improving circulation and range of motion, and reduce inflammation, allowing your body to move and function more freely. The benefits of chiropractic care also extend to mental health, relieving physical tensions that have manifested from mental strain. By addressing these stresses, we are able to help you physically and mentally relax, allowing for more complete healing and improved overall wellness. To find out how chiropractic adjustments may benefit you or for a diagnosis of an injury or condition that requires chiropractic treatment, contact our St. Paul, Minnesota chiropractors at the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center today at 651-644-7207, or send an email to

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