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Work InjuryA common and natural reaction to a work-related injury is to ignore your pain. If you acknowledge your pain, it can seem like you’re telling your body that it can’t handle the demands of your job anymore. If you ignore it, maybe it will just go away, right? … Wrong. When you ignore your pain, you’re also ignoring its cause and therefore the very real consequences of not seeking medical attention. At St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, we know that it can be difficult to admit to yourself that you’re suffering, but your body will thank you when you get help from our doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists.

In every line of work, there are stresses on the body that are specific to the difficulties of particular jobs. Whether you’re someone who lifts equipment, operates heavy machinery, or sits at a desk all day, your body will show different signs of wear and tear, and the injuries you can sustain just from your daily routine are numerous and varied. While an injury may seem minimal, you’ll never know just how slight or severe it is until you get checked out. Even if it begins as a small injury, continuing to work without treating your injury could cause more damage over time, eventually leaving your injured area irreparably damaged.

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Before you let your body get to that point, though, consider the alternatives. By simply acknowledging that you’ve been injured at work, you’re setting yourself up to be healed. Once you’ve completed your Worker’s Compensation forms, the rest is easy. We’ll work with your insurance and employer to be sure that you get the treatment that’s best for you at a reasonable price and within a manageable time frame. When you come to St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center, you can be sure that we’ll get you back on the job as soon as possible, wasting no time in creating an individualized treatment plan and helping you heal naturally.

When you meet with our medical professionals, you’ll see that we treat each patient as an individual, using what you tell us about your pain to inform your treatment. Taking into account your medical history, the daily demands of your job, and your body’s habits, we’ll make sure that we approach your injury with care. We’ll not only repair whatever damage was sustained at work, we’ll also target the stresses of your life outside of the workplace that could make your pain or injury worse. With us, you can count on a treatment plan that considers your injury from all angles and heals it from as many of those angles as necessary.

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Rather than letting your body suffer through the pain of a work-related injury, come to St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. The sooner you come to see us, the sooner we’ll be able to treat your injury and have you back on your feet, doing your job like nothing happened. Call us at 651-644-7207, and leave feeling as good as new and ready to tackle the daily grind.

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