Seeing A St Paul Chiropractor For Spinal Subluxations

Seeing A St Paul Chiropractor For Spinal SubluxationsThe term “subluxation” has been more commonly used in chiropractic care and simply refers to pressure being applied to a nerve. Subluxations can occur in many places on the body, especially at the joints. What people may not realize is that subluxation is quite common along the nerves of the spine – think pinched nerve.

When it comes to the spine, a subluxation generally occurs when one or more of the vertebrae, or bones, moves out of alignment, and places pressure on a nerve. This pressure can cause the nerve to “malfunction” and send incorrect signals, or block signals. The subluxation could have been caused at any time for any of a host of reasons including a car accident, a slip or fall, improper posture, improper lifting techniques, or “wear and tear” due to repetitive motion, just to name a few. And, because it has been shown that subluxations are more common in individuals with weakened immune systems, it can be inferred that individuals are more prone to subluxations as an indirect result of stress, anxiety, grief, etc.

Primary, Secondary, And Tertiary Subluxations

You’ve likely heard sayings such as, “one problem, led to another,” or terms such as “the domino effect” most of your lifetime. These describe how primary, secondary, and tertiary subluxations are categorized. The primary subluxation is the root cause of the problems. This term describes the primary reason that the misalignment has occurred. If not addressed however, and over time, the one unaddressed problem can lead to another problem, and then another, hence secondary and tertiary. Think of it like hearing squeaky brakes on your vehicle, left unchecked and unrepaired, the brakes then begin to wear down on the rotors and eventually the drum. What could have been a simple repair, now has turned into an expensive venture.

Don’t Let Possible Subluxations Go Unchecked

You don’t have to continue to suffer from back and joint pain. Consider scheduling a consultation with the chiropractic team at St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine in Minnesota. We have a rich history of working with patients to alleviate all kinds of pain with no medication and no surgeries. One call and one visit can get you back to your regular self… without the back or joint pains associated with subluxations. Decide to do something about the pain today! Call St. Paul Chiropractic!

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