Pinched Nerve Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment of Pinched Nerve PainSt. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center provides pinched nerve treatment in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you have ever experienced a pinched nerve, you know that the pain can be excruciating and even debilitating. Chiropractic care is ideal for the treatment of pinched nerves, and St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center has the staff to treat your injury and help you feel better.

Our staff are highly qualified and extremely well-trained professionals who understand the origins and manifestations of pinched-nerve pain. Chiropractic medicine lends itself well to pinched-nerve treatment because nerves become pinched often because of issues of spinal alignment. A frequent location of pinched nerves is in the neck.Neck pain, especially when caused by a pinched nerve, can be especially painful and limiting. Our staff apply their specialized knowledge of chiropractic medicine and work to realign your spine, which is a great first step in relieving your pinched-nerve pain.

Chiropractic Treatment of Pinched Nerve Pain

A combination of realignment strategies, which relieves pressure on the affected nerve, and is often all it takes to initiate relief for a pinched nerve. There are times when a client has an unusually painful pinched nerve. In those cases, the same kind of treatment is applied, but with greater frequency. Even in the most severely painful cases, clients tend to feel relief from their pinched nerves after our first treatment.

Reduce Pain and Recover from a Pinched Nerve

There are, of course, many different levels of severity of pinched nerves and they can affect parts of the body other than the neck. Pinched nerves in the neck are among the most common issues, so they are highlighted here. If you are experiencing pain in a different part of your body, and you suspect it may be a pinched nerve, we will accurately diagnose the issue and help you determine if it is, in fact, a pinched nerve that is causing your pain. The bottom line is that if you are experiencing pain anywhere along your spine or radiating out from your spine, St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center can help you.

Pain from a pinched nerve is unique in that it can be inescapable. Movement of any kind can cause searing pain. We can help by aligning your spine, reducing inflammation, and re-establishing clear pathways for the nerve that is pinched. Call us at 651.644.7207 to schedule an appointment or or speak with a member of our team.

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