Pain Relief Chiropractic Clinic St Paul MN

Pain Relief Chiropractic Clinic St Paul MN

Accident Injury Recovery

An accidental injury can happen in an instant and have lasting affects on your health. It doesn’t matter if your injuries occur at home, at work or in a car accident. What matters the most is that the damage has been done and its up to you to decide on a path to recovery for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation. At St Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center our healthcare professionals are dedicated to assisting patients with real results for a Slip and Fall Accident Injury, at Work Accident or Car Accident Pain Relief, including Whiplash Rehabilitation.

Slip and Fall Accident Injury

Several thousands of individuals are injured each year due to a Slip and Fall Accident Injury. St Paul MN is well known for icy conditions during the long, cold winter months. However, people often slip, trip or fall in a grocery store, retail outlet, at work, at home or at a friend’s house. The jarring effect on your body can result in a variety of symptoms that could be successfully treated at the St Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center.

Common injuries from a Slip, Trip or Fall Accident include:

• Muscle, Tendon or Ligament injury
• Back Injuries
• Ankle, Wrist, Knee or Hip injuries
• Whiplash injury
• Tailbone or Collarbone injuries
• Head, Neck or Shoulder injuries

Car Accident Pain Relief

Being involved in an automobile accident is no fun. A distracted driver, a deer, a bicyclist, a lost wheel, just about anything can drive you right into a painful injury. The sooner you get an accurate diagnosis of any auto accident related injuries the faster you can begin to feel Car Accident Pain Relief from the latest treatment methods.

Whiplash Car Injury Rehabilitation

Whiplash Injuries are some of the most prevalent and misunderstood injuries experienced after a car accident. The associated symptoms can vary quite a bit and effect multiple areas of your body. Chiropractors are some of the most highly trained experts in the area of Whiplash Car Injury Rehabilitation. The Chiropractic approach to pain relief and recovery incorporates the healing of soft tissue injuries as well as structural problems in the neck and spine.

St Paul Injury Rehabilitation Center

St Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center may help you to get back on your feet again following a Car Accident or Slip & Fall Accident Injury. We make restoring our patient’s optimal health our priority. Whether you are dealing with symptoms of Whiplash or another painful condition, chiropractic may be your best treatment option. Our Licensed Chiropractors are skilled in Whiplash Car Injury Rehabilitation as well as Slip and Fall Accident Injuries and Natural Pain Relief.

In St Paul MN, call the St Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation at: (651) 644-7207.

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