Non-Invasive Back Pain Treatment

Non-Invasive Back Pain TreatmentBack pain can come on very suddenly. Often, when it does, it does not come on gently. Back pain can be caused by many different things. In the chiropractic world, we are familiar with the classic case of back pain caused by automobile accidents and falls at work. While many of these cases make up a lot of the cases we treat, they are far from the only ones. Back pain can also come on for no apparent reason at all, and for countless reasons in between. Whether you know exactly what caused your back pain or you have been left scratching your head about what caused your back pain, St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Centercan provide non-invasive back pain treatment options.

Types Of Effective Non-Invasive Treatment For Reducing Back Pain

The spine is a marvel of nature. It is remarkably strong and durable, but it is also susceptible to problems, especially when the vertebrae, the bony structures that form the structure of the spine, go out of balance. In between the vertebrae are disks made of cartilage. The disks provide cushion between the vertebrae, and they allow the spine to be somewhat flexible. If the vertebrae do not align as they are designed, one or more disks can become compressed, which can lead to severe pain. If the compression of the disk is more severe, the disk may become herniated, which causes even more severe pain, and in some cases, the disk can rupture, which is literally excruciating.

Chiropractic adjustments realign the spine, and our professional staff have the knowledge and experience to complete these adjustments for our clients with great success and care. Our knowledge and experience lead to ultimate pain relief. That is the desired outcome, but the result occurs as a result of the application of chiropractic techniques that have been studied for centuries and applied by our staff for combined decades.

The muscles that support the spine may also be sources of pain. The job of supporting the spine can place great stress on those muscles, leading to strain and sometimes spasm. There are times when the pain felt by our clients is located in the muscles. This pain can also be severe. St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center also offers help for this condition. is a very effective form of treatment for strained and/or spasming muscles. Massage combined with chiropractic adjustments is a highly effective treatment combination that can reduce your pain, improve your range of motion and get you back to your baseline, without drugs and/or surgery.

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If you have back pain, we can help you, regardless of the cause or the severity. Call our team at 651.644.7207 and schedule an appointment.

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