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Businessman having backacheNo one really understands the pain and suffering that a person with lower back pain really goes through until they have it themselves. The fact of the matter is back pain can be debilitating, and it doesn’t just go away on its own. Many times a small amount of back pain can turn into a larger type of chronic pain that sticks with you for a long time. The tiny twinge in your back becomes a much bigger deal, and finding relief becomes a priority. If you live in St. Paul, please know that lower back pain relief can be achieved with the help of our talented professionals. At St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center, we are the leading back pain Chiropractor in St. Paul, MN and we want to help you find comfort.

Identifying The Cause of Back Pain

We pride ourselves in being an all natural medicine center. Chiropractic care provides natural relief to lower back pain. We are only able to do this by discovering the root of the problem. Offering medications that will sedate you only mask the pain and give you temporary relief. We want to build your body up to something that can be maintained on its own. Lower back pain is caused by a variety of different issues. When patients come in, we will do an assessment on how they live their daily lives. Improper lifting, poor posture and general inactivity can have a direct effect on lower back pain. Additionally, injuries (like being in a car accident) can cause misalignment and excruciating lower back pain. Whatever the cause, we figure it out so that we can treat it and prevent it from happening again.

Treating Low Back Pain

As we’ve said, we are the leading back pain chiropractor in St. Paul, MN. This means that we are doing something right! Our natural care includes providing therapeutic massages and hands-on chiropractic adjustments. These intricate techniques are designed to realign your spine, ease the tension in your muscles and calm your nerves. The goal here is to ultimately alleviate your pain so you can get back to your daily routine of living. After lower back pain relief is achieved, we will recommend simple exercises and lifestyle adjustments so that you can continue to have the lasting relief you had been searching for.

If you live in St. Paul and you are searching for lower back pain relief, achieve that comfort at St. Paul Chiropractic & Natural Medicine Center. Call us for an appointment today at (651) 644-7207 or send us an email at info@stpaulnaturalhealth.com.

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