Ergonomics And Office Stretches To Avoid Neck And Back Pain

Ergonomics And Office Stretches To Avoid Neck And Back PainMany of our patients spend much of their day sitting at their desks. There’s ample evidence that too much sitting is bad for your spine, but what can you do if it is required for your job? Here are our tips to improve your workspace so you can feel better at the end of the day. If you’re suffering from neck pain or back pain, St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine can create a custom treatment plan that will give you help on your road to recovery!

More than 80% of the working population will experience low back pain at least once in their lifetime. If you sit all day at work, often with poor posture, you increase your risk of developing low back pain. Sitting down for long periods of time, repetitive movements and awkward work positions may lead to pain and discomfort.

Consider the style of your desk: Standing desks will help take some of the pressure off your back that over-sitting can cause and can help improve your posture.
Consider the type of chair you sit in: Find a chair that is good for your posture, comfortable for your body, can swivel or roll, has arm support, and has adjustable heights.
Consider the height of your computer screen: Your computer screen should be at or just below eye level. It is very important to keep your head level.

Creating Movement And Stretching

People were not meant to sit in a cramped position all day. Your body needs to be in motion to be healthy. Long bouts of sitting can cause spinal damage, eye strain (from computers), and bad heart health. Consider some of these exercises:

Wrist stretches: will help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. Every hour, roll your wrists clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times.
Neck stretches: Slowly rotate your head in a circle, moving toward your right shoulder, then toward your back, and then toward your left shoulder. Repeat this motion 3-5 times but do not over-extend your neck.
Back stretches: While sitting, put your hands on the edge of your desk and slowly push your chair back until you are looking at the floor. Bring yourself back in slowly and repeat this 10 times.
Shoulder stretches: Place your left hand under your right elbow and lightly pull your elbow across your chest. Hold this stretch for 15-20 seconds and then do the same thing with your left arm.
Leg stretches: Sit up straight and slowly reach for your foot on the desk. Flex and point your foot and hold for about 10 seconds. Then switch to the other leg.

Reduce Pain And Increase Energy And Productivity

If you have neck or back pain due to poor ergonomics at work and are looking for a chiropractor in St. Paul, Minnesota, then consider contacting the team of experts at St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center. Learn more about how St. Paul Chiropractic can aid in solutions to manage your back and neck pains by calling (651) 644-7207.

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