Can Wearing The Wrong Shoes Be Responsible For My Back Pain?

Can Wearing The Wrong Shoes Be Responsible For My Back PainWearing proper footwear is vital for both comfort and movement and to maintain optimal body support when walking or performing other daily tasks. When worn incorrectly, incorrect shoes can create discomfort in both feet and back due to altering weight-bearing angles of the body and altering how weight distribution occurs throughout your system. Conversely, inappropriate footwear can alter this vital aspect of human function which provides necessary support when moving around freely and performing daily tasks.

Shoes Which May Negatively Affect The Spine

Certain shoe brands can cause significant harm to the health of your spine. They can lead to back pain and change your walking style over time; additionally, they could damage both feet.

High heels: Higher heels can often lead to back pain, as well as other injuries such as bunions or rolled ankles, as your gait becomes affected by bent feet or raised ankles, leading to altered gait patterns thrown off balance by walking with higher heels; your spine will adjust in response, compensating to maintain equilibrium.
Flip flops without arch support (or much connection to the feet): These flat shoes without arch support or much connection between the feet and arch can cause heel, ankle, and knee strain, which in turn may impact spine health. Flip-flops increase pressure on the outer part of the foot. They lack ankle support or stability which increases the risk for injury when standing or climbing over uneven ground or walking on slippery surfaces – potentially inducing serious injury!
Old gym shoes or sneakers: Shoes that are worn-out in terms of arch support, tread depth and cushion thickness will provide less support and stability. Worn-out or no longer fitting properly shoes may alter your gait while providing less stability during physical activity.

Popular Shoes And Your Spine

Many popular shoe brands may look stylish, but are often unsupportive of arch and flat structures, leading to back pain and new spinal issues when walking long distances or performing everyday activities. Shoes without arch support have an adverse effect on spinal health, therefore if necessary switch to supportive footwear when possible. Explore your options by consulting a chiropractor near your location. The average American covers an estimated daily distance of 5,120 feet, which equates to thousands of miles over their lifetimes. Wearing inappropriate footwear may lead to degenerative changes in muscles, connective tissue, and joints of the feet which in turn could impact all the way up the spine.

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