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Work InjuryWork injuries can be a hassle to deal with, especially if you’re dealing with a debilitating work injury that makes it impossible for you to do your job well, if at all. When you sustain a work injury, don’t ignore the signs, and don’t just wait for your injury to go away. Often times, because of the nature of work injuries, it’s more likely that you’ll need some form of injury recovery treatment to be sure that your body fully heals and to help you get back to work sooner rather than later. That’s where we come in; at the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center, we provide work injury treatments with our St. Paul, MN chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy services, helping employees get back on their feet following a work injury.

Insurance-Covered Work Injury Recovery

One of the reasons many patients we see wait to seek injury recovery treatments is because they don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money just to recovery from an injury. We completely understand, and we want to make sure that you know your options. Even though chiropractic care was only recently recognized by insurance companies as a viable injury recovery treatment, it is an insurance-approved work injury treatment, which means that you don’t have to worry about you or your employer spending thousands of dollars on your injury recovery. Instead, you’ll find in us an affordable injury recovery center that’s committed to helping to heal work injuries without burdening you with impossibly expensive medical bills.

Work Injury Chiropractic Adjustments

Many work injuries deal with the spine, either because of the way we lift heavy objects, the way we sit for hours, the amount of strain we place on our backs and necks, and more. The more we use one area of our body, the more likely we are to sustain an injury in that area, and these types of injuries, which are caused by habitual use, are called repetitive strain injuries. With chiropractic adjustments, we are able to correct spinal misalignments, whether they’re caused by repetitive strain or a one-time injury, ensuring that your body moves normally. Chiropractic adjustments for work injury recovery can be used to correct hip injuries, provide back and neck pain relief, and improve motion in extremities.

Massage Therapy Work Injury Pain Relief

We offer work injury massage therapy treatments as individual treatments or as part of a larger chiropractic care plan, using massage therapy to combat muscular and nervous tension, improve range of motion throughout your body, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. With massage therapy, you can receive several of the benefits you might receive from pain relief medications or anti-inflammatories, but you’ll have the benefit of a natural work injury pain relief solution that does not require you to take daily medications while you heal. Contact the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center at 651-644-7207 or, and begin your St. Paul, Minnesota work injury chiropractic recovery treatments today.

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