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What does it mean to live a healthy life? How can you work to achieve health and wellness in your own life and the lives of those around you? At the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center, we offer Community Health & Wellness Workshops in St. Paul, MN, both at our center and at a location of your choice! These health and wellness workshops are intended to help you focus on specific types of wellness, including healthy eating, physical wellness, mental wellness, healthy weight loss, and spinal rejuvenation and maintenance. Each of these workshops is intended to provide you with information and expert tips that can help you achieve full-body wellness and live a happier, healthier life every day. So which workshop is right for you or your group? Check out our workshops below to find out!

Eat Well: Tips for Eating Right

Are you meeting your body’s nutritional needs? Are you getting enough of the “right” foods and a healthy amount of the less nutritious options? What exactly are the “right” foods, and how can you identify them? This workshop is all about answering your questions about nutrition and food, providing you with facts and good dietary tips that will help you make the right nutritional choices for yourself, including which nutrients you should be getting more of, which nutrients you may need to get through supplements, which nutrients you may get too much of, and more!

Move Well: Demonstrations of Good Physical Activity

Are you constantly wondering what the best type of exercise is for your body? Do you find it challenging to exercise in a certain way or for a certain amount of time during the week? During our physical wellness workshop, you can learn how just 45 minutes of exercise per week can help you achieve and maintain physical wellness.

Think Well: How to Manage Stress and Achieve Mental Wellness

If you’re searching for an effective method for achieving inner peace and relieving stress, taking stock of your mental health and implementing good mental health practices can benefit you. Our Think Well workshop will help you identify negative behaviors and thoughts so that you can fight them off with positivity and better mental wellness.

Metabolic RestWeight Loss Workshop

This isn’t just another weight loss program designed to keep you coming back; this weight loss workshop is intended to help you make positive changes in your own life using the tools, tips, and facts we provide you with, including good nutrition facts to follow each day, healthy exercise habits, and more.

Chiropractic and You (Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy Workshop)

Chiropractic care has countless benefits for mental and physical health and wellness, including improving energy and mood, improving the immune system, relieving headaches and stress, improving your body’s ability to heal, and so much more. Find out how chiropractic can help you at this one-hour workshop!

Whether you’re looking to schedule a Community Health & Wellness Workshop at your location or at our St. Paul, Minnesota wellness center, contact the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center today at 651-644-7207 or to begin your wellness journey.

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