Chiropractic Therapy for Attention ADD/ADHD Treatment

Has your child been diagnosed witAre you looking for an alternative treatment for ADHD that doesn’t involve the typical ADHD medications prescribed by doctors? If so, consider the possibility of chiropractic therapy, used by chiropractors to help children with ADHD improve their behavioral and developmental issues. At the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center, our experienced and professional chiropractors of St. Paul, MN have undergone chiropractic training that includes helping to improve and treat the symptoms of ADHD in children. We do this using a variety of chiropractic care methods, including chiropractic spinal adjustments, exercise routines, dietary changes, and supplements. Our natural medicine doctors can facilitate treatment based on your child’s individual needs, creating a ADHD treatment program that’s right for you and your child and that will promote your child’s wellness, overall.

Possible Benefits of Chiropractic ADD/ADHD Treatments

Chiropractic therapy for children with ADHD has the potential to do amazing things. Because of the nature of ADHD, chiropractic care may be able to help your child by relieving tensions within the body to allow your child to function more naturally internally and therefore with the world around them. With chiropractic spinal adjustments, we are able to target the body’s muscular, nervous, skeletal, circulatory and respiratory systems, providing relief for any internal issues your child may be experiencing that could contribute to symptoms of ADHD. We also provide nutritional services, including creating personalized exercise routines for your child that will help to combat and prevent symptoms of ADHD, including addressing your child’s behavioral and physical challenges. In addition, we will help to create a dietary and supplement plan, ensuring that your child is getting the necessary nutrients that the brain and entire body need to function effectively, allowing your child to have the best chance of confronting their personal challenges.

Personalized ADD/ADHD Chiropractic Treatment Plans

At the St. Paul Chiropractic and Natural Medicine Center, we understand that every single child is different. Each child faces their own challenges, and not every child will respond to the same treatments. That’s why we begin treating children with ADHD by looking over their past medical history and getting to know them and their challenges. After a thorough preliminary appointment to understand what your child’s needs may be, we will be able to create an individualized treatment plan, including chiropractic spinal adjustments and nutritional changes in exercise, diet, and supplementation. To find out more about how chiropractic care for ADHD may help your child, contact our experienced St. Paul, Minnesota chiropractors today at 651-644-7207, or email us at When you schedule an appointment at our chiropractic center, you can be sure that you and your child will be in good hands, and our chiropractors will do the up most to ensure you both have a calming and beneficial experience at our center.

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